She's My Baby Doll

She's My Baby Doll

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Avril’s 1st Christmas!!!

I was so happy for Avril to be able to spend her 1st Christmas with my family down south and I know she was just as excited to be with her family as she was for her 1st Christmas!!! :) We did have Avril’s pic taken with Santa and it’s so cute but I haven’t uploaded it to my laptop yet but I’ll post it as soon as I do. :)

Love that look lol

Loved this outfit on her and I think she did too! :)

She was ready for Santa

Opening her very 1st Christmas present!

Posing it up

<3 her so much!!!

Another adorable outfit for my adorable Avril :)

Christmas night playing with one of her toys

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Been busy…

Avril is 11 months old I can’t believe it. She has 8 teeth and #9 is about to come in and she’ll be walking soon. On top of planning her first bday party, Nathan and I are buying a house and will probably close on it in May and we’re talking about ttc baby #2 sometime later this year. I’m working out and about to dive back into my writing as well as some other creative projects and I’m going to try and not neglect tumblr so much :) TTYS P.S. Pics of Avril to come soon! ! <3

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Avril’s first top tooth broke through yesterday and the other one is on it’s way, she’s growing so fast, she’ll have a least 4 teeth by Christmas and will probably be crawling.